About Us

Nepali society is passing through a very critical situation. While looking at the development process in Nepal, Nepal is slowly trying to change its face from the old tyranny ruling system to modern society. However, out of many problems in Nepal, lack of productive resources, youths and skillful women for remote development is one and increasing population in urban areas is another problem. But still, it’s hard to find the actual problem in Nepal behind the development process in remote areas.

So, analyzing and studying all these problems faced by the remote people in their life and in order to help and strengthen them find the solution of their own remote development problems in them through the active participation “Society for Environment Education Development (SEED)” was established in 2001 A.D in Dang district according to organization registration act 2034.   It’s the deep interest of our organization to support and enhance remote development continuously and increase active participation of them in their sustainable development.

Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes teamwork, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.


Establishing a society without poverty and improving the quality of life of the poor and excluded people so that they can live a dignified life.


Empowering poor people and eradicating poverty and establishing injustice.


Create an environment for poor and excluded people to exercise their Rights


  • To develop awareness
  • To bring a positive effect on environmental protection and community health by the media of public participation
  • To provide health service and teaching
  • To help in improving the living standard of handicapped, orphan and risky work involving children by building capacity in educational, physical, mental and health,
  • To develop the environment of coordination and cooperation with other organizations for human and social development
  • To organize stakeholders to ensure their rights etc.