Welcome to SEED organizations' official website page.

Society for Environment Education Development (SEED) organization is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) established in 2001 A.D at Manpur village ward no. 5, Tulsipur Sub-metropolitan city, Dang with an objective to bring harmony and peace among people living in the society, eradicate the social superstitions and unjust from the society and bring peace and developmetnn in the sciety through educaction and public awareness and sustainable development programs.

Message for Executive Director

We are always more than happy to work with all partners-national and international-, institutions, agencies and governmental bodies who wish to empower the life of underprivileged people through sustainable programs. We want to bring happiness in the life of poor and disadvatageous group through their economic empowerment and this is only possible through education, justice, peace, religious tolerancae, gender equality and socia inclusion and respect to all.