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Successful Case Stories

Case Story : Animal Husbandry (Mrs. Laxmi Chaudhary involved in Pig farming)

Location: Phoolbari VDC ward no. 6, Bakhariya, Dang

Characters: Mrs. Laxmi Chaudhary

Mrs. Laxmi Chaudhary a residence of Bakhariya of Phoolbari V.D.C ward no. 6 from Dangisaran Rural Municipality has been running pig farming business. She is 45 years old. She is rearing pigs with big enthusiasm and effort. She has a middle-class family with 12 numbers of family members. Their main source of family income is agriculture which was not enough to run the family.  So, she added pig farming as her next optional business to enhance their economic status and operate the family smoothly. As one can make a good income from pork farming, so she initiated this business.

He had become a member of the Income Generating Group organized by the Society for Environment Education Development (SEED) in 2069 B.S (2012 A.D). Then after the implementation of the Mobile fund Mobilization program conducted by SEED in co-operation with D.K.A Austria, she was funded with an amount of NPR. 50,000 from “Bhagya Krishi Sahakari Sanstha” in 2074 B.S (2018 A.D) as a result she is running pig farming business currently. She had started pig farming with seven numbers of piglets out of which she has already sold 3 big pigs with the amount of Rs.60, 000 each. Now, she has 4 big pigs and small 19 piglets.

She says, “Now she has big and small pigs with a worth of Rs. 150,000”.  She will definitely earn more than Rs, 200,000 in her next year by selling them in such a smooth way she is running the farm now. She says, her all family expenditure, health checkup, children education, etc. are being carried out by income generated through pig farming. She happily says her socioeconomic status is also enhancing, improving and smoothing from this pig farming. She has also planned to make a model pig farming business. She expresses her very big happiness and thankfulness to SEED organization and D.K.A, Austria for helping her in carrying out this pig farming business successfully.