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SEED organizations currently runing programs with its supporting partners.

1. SEED in partnership with I’m Swedish Development Partner.

SEED in partnership with I’m Swedish Development Partner is conducting “Qualitative Education for the poor and marginalized Children” from May 2016 to June 2019. We are focusing on delivering qualitative education for all children who are deprived of it. It builds infrastructure for school, drinking water, provides education and sports materials along with builds capacity of children through various motivational and strengthening action plans.

Currently, this project in agreement with SEED and I’M Swedish Development Partner is extended further from December, 2021.

2. SEED in cooperation with DKA, Austria:

 SEED in partnership with DKA, Austria is conducting a “Local Women Livelihood sustainable program” in 5 workings VDC’s of Dang from May 2015 to June 2019. This program is running with an objective to develop capacity, skill, leadership and socioeconomic status of poor marginalized women groups and associations. It is helping in encouraging and empowering women. It provides a literacy program for illiterate women groups of remote places. It is working for the sustainable development of the women socially, economically, educationally, health-wise and politically. It is awakening the women to fight for their rights and properties to every resource that comes in the name of them. It encourages them to minimize domestic violence and bring peace. It is trying to provide them independent life from all sectors.

We have more than 18 events in every half-yearly program activities which will be followed onwards looking to the priority of victims and society.

SEED has extended its project with DKA, Austria further from Dec, 2021. Now, in their collaboration SEED is working in the field of “Minimizing early childhood marriage, Child protection policies and Organic farming with DKA, Austria.

3. SEED in cooperation with HEIFER International Project Nepal

SEED organization in cooperation with HEIFER Nepal is conducting "Modern technique of agricultural and hybrid animal husbandry farming" in association with Dangisaran Rural Municipality and Babai Rural Municipality of Dang district from 2021 A.D. This project focus to poor farmer groups who are socially and economically backward. It is one of the technique implanted for poor communities farmers to strengthen thier economic livelihood and increase their sustainability of livelihood.