Message From Executive Director

Foremost, I would like to thank you for visiting our SEED Dang website. We are obvious that our Nepalese society is passing through a very critical situation. While looking at the development process in Nepal, We see Nepal is gradually trying to change its face from the old monocratic ruling system to a modern public democratic society. However, a plethora of problems in Nepal like lack of productive resources, youths, skillful women for remote development, good governance, etc. At the same time, an increasing population in urban areas and decreasing population in rural villages is another one. But still, it is very difficult to find the actual problem in Nepal behind the development process in remote areas. In this complicated situation, SEED is trying to eradicate the poverty issues in rural areas bringing up sustainable development programs for the women, children and unemployed youths. Yearly, SEED is conducting various programs for sustainable livelihood for underprivileged people. We are more focused on quality education, women empowerment and skill development training which are readily socioeconomic status game-changer of disadvantaged groups of people for sustainable development.