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Organic Agricultural Farming, 2021

Special Case Story: #1
Case Story: Organic Vegetable Faming of  Mrs.Shovani Chaudhary
Location  :  Tulsipur-16, Ratgaiya, Dang.
Character :  Mrs. Shovani Chaudhary

SEED Organization in support of DKA, Austria has provided financial support to 32 years old Sovani Chaudhary and her three family members (Husband, Son and Daughter) of ward No. 16 of Ratgai village of Tulsipur Sub-Metropolitan city because of their poor living status who has their only source of living is agriculture on her 6 plot of land which was also not enough to feed her family for a year also. She has to work on wages or have to borrow money on heavy interest rate. So because of such condition her son and daughter are no able to get proper education and health checkup.

On support of DKA, Austria SEED Organization provided her 3 days vegetable farming training on seasonal and off seasonal course in the year of 2076B.S. and with inspiration she wanted to start vegetable farming. So, she has been provided with financial support of Rs. 35,000 and her own capital of Rs. 10,000 in total of Rs, 45,000 she started vegetable farming business on small plot of land and in present she is happy with her work and is also earning good income from it, she says.


In present she is able to provide education to her children and do not have to beg others for small amount of money because in past she was only able to gain Rs 1000 from the production of wheat, paddy, maize from 1 plot of land in a year but nowadays she earns Rs.8000 to Rs. 12,000 monthly from vegetable farming and is able to expand her farming by borrowing extra 5 plot of land on rent.

In this way she has good earning source from vegetable farming and now she is also linked with local and state government agriculture programs. She has also started the green house vegetable farming with irrigation system with fund received from Ministry of Land and Agriculture of State Government of Rs.2,50,100 which was 50% of total cost. She has also received fund worth of Rs.5,00,000 from Chief Minister Rural Development and Employment Program for Plant production of fruits and vegetables and also has been provided training and moral boost program by Agricultural Development Branch.

Nowadays she earns up to net profit of Rs.2, 00,000 every year and able to run her family smoothly and believe employment can be generated by people itself and is very thankful towards DKA, Austria and SEED Organization.