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Child Protection Policy

Child protection policy


SEED organization strictly follows the child protection policies and wish the same from all individuals, institutions and agencies.

Please click the link( English medium): SEED Child Protection Policies 2020

Please click the link (Nepali medium): SEED Child Protection Policies 2019

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Antiwomen Harassments Policy 2019

Antiwomen Harassments Policy

SEED organization strictly follows the Antiwomen Harashment Policies and we strongly request all the individuals, institutions and firms to respect the antiwomen harrasment policices.

Policy is under processing...

Cost Allocation Share Cost Policy of SEED 2019

Transparency in budget allocation

SEED organization believes in budget transparency and social accountability for propertional utilization of resources and development of community and society. So it follows cost allocation share cost policy strictly and recommends every institutions govermental and non governmentall to follow the same.

Please click the link: Cost Allocation Share Cost Policy of SEED 2019